CSST Piping and the New Inspection Rules

October 17th, 2016 By Martha-Brown in Blogs.



CSST Piping and the New Inspection Rules

This just came in from a home inspection company that I respect immensely. It pertains to Maryland properties ONLY

Recently, steps were taken by the Maryland State Commission of Real Estate Appraisers, Appraisal Management Companies, and Home Inspectors on CSST Piping and the New Inspection Rules proposed under the Minimum Standards of Practice (COMAR 09.36.07). CSST installations have become very popular over the years due to both savings (compared to traditional black pipe) and the product is easier to install.

“Pursuant to COMAR 09.37.07 and .08, inspectors ARE required to inspect for CSST and recommend to their client that the bonding of the CSST be reviewed by a licensed master electrician. Home inspectors are not required to inspect the bonding method of CSST.”

Where is CSST found?

CSST runs from the gas meter or propane source to gas appliances through the basement, walls and attic, depending on the type of construction. It can also be installed with portions of black iron pipe or copper. It is typically visible in the basement, attic and at fixed appliances such as hot water heaters or furnaces. CSST piping is coated with a yellow or black exterior jacket. CSST Piping and the New Inspection Rules should NOT be confused with flexible appliance connectors attached to moveable appliances like ranges and dryers.

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